3D SmartJet VX-262

3DSmartJet VX-262 Dual Extruder

260mm x 260mm

3DSmartJet VX262 is a fully professional unit belonging to the premium segment in its product group. This device was designed for printing of ABS material.
3DSmartJet VX262 is the right solution for rapid prototyping, creating a variety of models where the most important role is played by high quality and precision of execution.
The printer stand VX262 marked with a number of features to ensure the highest marks in the creation of models made FDM technology, to the above include:
- Dedicated software EndiCam
- Electronics ENDIMAC 3DSmartJet
- Heated chamber and heated worktable
- Dual, raised head
- Use the printing process "dedicated" support material VS230-ABS through the manufacture of models after the completion of printing is limited to a minimum and does not cause any problems related to treatments commonly used in other devices, ie. Detaching model of the worktable, removing unnecessary elements Print , treatment of damaged areas like printed model.
- Mode automatic, self-cleaning head and remove excess material.
Complement of the project are robust steel housing machined laser techniques, built-up display and keyboard as well as light and modern polycarbonate cover.
EndiCam - dedicated software designed to communicate with the printer 3DSmartJet VX262.

Proprietary software provides the highest level of use of the possibilities a fully professional unit at the same time, low labor input to the project file conversion process in a realistic 3D model. The software provides a number of useful features including
- MultiPrint with the option of any one distribution model on the work table.
- Option to automatically position the models on the workbench.
- The ability to preview any rotate, pan models
- Verification and course paths of each layer before printing
- Automatic and complete configuration of all printing parameters depending on the desired thickness (0.15-0.3 mm)
- The degree of filling layer
- Printing on single and double contour.
- Print function with dedicated support material VS230-ABS dispensed from the second head.
- Automatic print mode base model, made sequentially from the main layers of material VM230-ABS and support material VS230-ABS ensures trouble-free downloading of printed models from the working table.

Electronics ENDIMAC 3DSmartJet is well advanced, modern design, a matter which it is possible to use a number of very useful features flowing with dedicated software EndiCam.
Electronics meets the highest standards of quality and safety - the device uses the necessary circuit and overload protection. For convenience and comfort An automatic parameter control of the chamber and the working table. Extruder controls the operation of an independent, dedicated controller.


General Technical Specification:

 Form of delivery - the product ready for use
- Printing technology - FDM
- Printed materials - VM230-ABS, VS230-ABS - support material
- The minimum height of the printed layer - 0.15 mm
- Print resolution - the x-axis, y - 5 .mu.m, axle - 0.01mm
- Printable area (width x length x height) - 260 x 260 x 200 mm
- Connection - USB, SD
- Kind of software - Oryginal software EndiCam
- Operating systems running under software - Windows - XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Detailed Technical Specification:

- Heated Table
- Heated and air-conditioned chamber
- Dual head
- Raised head
- Warm-up time and max. extruder temperature - 120s, 280 ° C
- Warm-up time and max. the temperature of the work table - 120s, 110 ° C
- Warm-up time and max. chamber temperature - 15min, 75 ° C
- Print from your SD card as standard
- The LCD panel
- The diameter of the filament - 1.75 mm
- The diameter of the nozzle heads - 0.3 mm
- Type / name used electronics - dedicated electronics: Motherboard ENDIMAC 3DSmartJet
v2.3, Extruder Control ENDIMAC 3DSmartJet,
- Type mechanics - extruder moves horizontally in the X and Y table in a vertical plane Z-
- Supported file types - stl
- Printer supply voltage - 230V
- Operating temperature range - 5 ° 35 ° C
- The dimensions and weight of the device - 700x460x490 mm, 37kg                                     

Additional Informations:

 The price includes filaments printer VM230-ABS and VS230-ABS, complete
software, user's manual, the device has CE certification.
- The manufacturer provides one year warranty of quality, pre-service training on individual devices
and support after the purchase of the printer. For an extra fee you can extend the
guarantee for a further 12 months, and equipment insurance against accidents.

Supplies Dedicated to the Printer:

VM230-ABS - A basic building material
VS230-ABS - A material supporting - support


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